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Inauguration of the New Pressnet: Journalists, Journalism and Mass Media in Internet

A webs web has more than enough Journalists, Journalism and
Mass Media.

Pressnet gathers the most complete world selection, of resources about Journalists, Journalism and Mass Media that at the moment exists in Internet.

Pressnet wants to be an encounter point among Journalists, Students and Studious of the Journalism and the Social Communication of any place of the Planet that use Internet to communicate, to work, or that they possess virtual addresses (URL'S y/o E-mail), as well as an Informative Space and Documental Base and of Resources about the Journalists, the Journalism and the Social media in Internet.

For Pressnet it is fundamental their character of public and gratuitous service for all the people that it allows the access to the best and more complete catalog of sources of information on the thematic ones mentioned, and about the global present time. For that reason it also includes, services of general interest for the whole public.

Although it has been edited in Spanish, this version of Pressnet, allows the translation to English of each one of its pages, with an only click of the mouse. Also, for the Spanish-speaking visitor, it is possible for the same method, to consent to many of the strange resources that are picked up in her, translated to the Spanish language.

In Pressnet, they will be published--after their pertinent study--the virtual addresses, resources, news, articles, etc. of and have more than enough Journalists, Journalism, Students and Educational of Journalism and Communication Social,  Associations, Organizations, Foundations (of the Journalistic Profession) and media that you/they are suggested him.

These are some of the many sections in those that this web is structured: Journalistic searcher - you Alert (you Denounce on threats and aggressions to Journalists and on conculcaciones of the Freedom of Press) - Journalistic Bag of Employment - News, Calendar (congresses, prizes, days) and Directory of Associations, Organizations and Professional Foundations - Directory of webs and mail of Professionals and Students of Journalism - thematic Articles - All type of resources, tools and specific utilities for Journalists and Students - World Directory of media, All the News and the Information--so much professional, as of present time and utility--que  can imagine, etc.. (To see Map of the Web:

Pressnet is the result of the investigation work--that its creator--, the spanish journalist Rafael Angel Fernandez Gutierrez, member of the Association of the Press of Seville, the International Federation of Journalists and the Association of Journalists of Internet, takes--and it will continue taking--to end from August of 1998.

With the objective of making of Pressnet a documental tool in full validity, their upgrade will be continuous.

I request him that if he/she has the kindness, of the biggest diffusion possible to this news, and that if it considers it opportune, include a link from their Web to that of Pressnet (

Thanked ahead of time by their kindness and collaboration, we are to the whole disposition of you and of their Media to facilitate their informative task.

Rafael Angel Fernandez Gutierrez: 
Seville, Spain.

Telephone (+34) 954-09-23-15
Fax: (+34) 954-09-23-15
Motive: (+34) 619-20-13-65
Contact e-mail (exclusive for the Press):
E-mail .

Press Room of Pressnet:

Center of Communications of Pressnet:


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